Discover How to Improve Your Strength, Flexibility & Emotional Health By Doing Yoga Right in the Comfort of Your Own Home!


Learn the Moves First at Home & Avoid the Condescending Looks as You Struggle

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Maybe you've heard about the physical and emotional benefits of yoga but don't want to embarrass yourself by going to a class and not knowing the moves


Maybe you just don't have the time to battle traffic, and sometimes the weather, to get to a physical yoga class


In either case, you've definitely come to the right website.


In just a few moments, I'm going to tell you how you can learn yoga quickly and easily right in the comfort of your own home.


This way, should you decide later to go to a class, you'll already know the moves and will fit right in


Or if you are extremely busy you can still gain all the physical and mental benefits of yoga without adding travel time to a physical class to your already jam-packed schedule.


INTRODUCING the "Learn Yoga Practice and Improve

Your Fitness and Flexibility in Just 2 Weeks" System!


Containing both a comprehensive, yet simple to follow guide and videos that show you exactly how to do each move, this system contains everything you need to start practicing yoga on your own.


You'll learn:


         How to perform all the most popular poses and stretches you'll be amazed at how easy yoga can be when you're given the right instruction!


         Breathing exercises to clear your mind and relax while you are doing yoga do these regularly and you'll start feeling better and more energized in no time!


         Plus, you'll learn about the history of yoga and the differences between various types of yoga so that you can talk confidently with other yoga practitioners!


Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn

How to Do with "Learn Yoga":



The Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

This is one of the balancing poses that give you a sense of lightness as well as strength. You will experience increased muscle tone, better coordination and improved concentration.






The Cobra Pose







The Camel Pose (Ustrasana)








PLUS, You'll Learn ALL the Other Common Yoga Poses You Need

to Know to Realize the Physical & Emotional Benefits

of Practicing Yoga!


You'll also discover how to use yoga to revitalize your Chakras and send your energy soaring as well as how to use mantras and meditation to take your yoga exercise sessions to the next level.


That's why, if you are at all feeling tired and rundown if you wish you were in better shape or if you wish you were more flexible then "Learn Yoga" is perfect for you.


This guide, which is filled with photos and concise instruction, and the accompanying videos will show you step by step how to excel at eight different types of yoga. Here are just some of the benefits you can experience from regularly practicing yoga:


         Increases your body metabolism and lowers the amount of fat you are carrying

         Improves the strength of your muscles as well as your body flexibility

         Helps keep the body young by improving spinal flexibility, removing bodily tension, strengthening stomach muscles, improving muscle strength and improving skin tone

         Improves mental health by reducing nervousness, irritability, depressive symptoms and emotional fatigue

         Yoga improves your sexual vitality and is known to help you control your sexual activities, making them more enjoyable


         Yoga has also been shown to play a role in helping heal conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, cancer, constipation, heart problems, high blood pressure, acidic stomach, menstrual pain, insomnia, weight problems and sinus conditions


With This Guide, You Won't Just Learn Yoga,

You'll Learn All About Yoga, Too!


You'll gain an understanding of the history of yoga, the differences between the main types of yoga and how to use yoga to make yourself feel better and healthier.


Yoga is now the most commonly practiced form of exercise in the world and "Learn Yoga" is the perfect introduction to this beneficial exercise.


Take a Look At What Others Have Had

to Say About "Learn Yoga"


"My 9-5 job is so demanding and stressful that it began to creep into my own time. Enough was enough! I decided to take a friend's advice and start practicing yoga. Just weeks after reading Learning Yoga, I face each day with more energy and peace of mind than ever before."
John J, Princeton, NJ


"Ten years ago I was a very skinny lady with no self-confidence, no friends, felt down and was very emotional. Only last year, suddenly something in my head told me to turn to Yoga, I don't know what it was but something made me belive that I could do it. I come across Jo's Learn Yoga book online and gave it a try. I now practice Yoga 3-4 times a week because it works for me. Jo - your help has been greatly appreciated."
Fiona P, Liverpool, UK


"I hate to exercise, so I wasn't sure yoga was the thing for me. But you proved me wrong - I LOVE it! I've suffered from backaches for decades, and now my back is 100% better. I feel and look better. I've never been so fit. My body shape has changed, and I've even lost some weight. Thanks, Joanne!"
Sara T, Denver, CO


"I used to suffer regular anxiety attacks and spend a lot of the time feeling nervous. Since practicing Yoga I do feel happier as I am now a calmer person. Don't knock it until you try it."
Claire B, London, UK


"I found myself suddenly feeling very out of shape and uninterested in exercise because I was never good at sport as a kid. A few of my friends recommended taking a yoga class, but being embarressed of myself, I was a coward and couldn't make myself go. This then lead me to look online to see if I can learn yoga on my own at home. I found Joanne's well written ebook which I found great as a beginner all the way through as my confidence and ability has improved. Without this ebook I would probably still be sitting at home being a coward! God bless you Joanne!"
Lucas M, Athens, GA


"Yoga has completely reshaped my body. I'd been carrying around unwanted weight ever since my "baby" was born - six years ago! As a busy mom to two active boys, my days are busier than ever. I just don't have time to go to a gym. Even though I'd never even tried yoga before, your book made it so easy to learn. I read it one night and was able to start practicing yoga the very next morning. Four weeks later, I've dropped nearly seven pounds! I now fit into my "skinny jeans."
Veronica K, Charlotte, NC


"For the past few years my wife has been practicing Yoga and I have never seen what all the hype was about. I work from home which involves sitting at my desk all day. I began to notice that my posture was not looking great nor feeling it either. My wife suggested I try practicing Yoga to help my back. I did a quick search online to find out how a beginner can learn yoga and I found Joanne's guide. I was surprised when I began to feel the benefits so soon and 6 months down the line my posture feels and looks better. I'm actually quite pleased!"
Brian M, Dublin, IE



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So what's it going to be?


Do you want to sign a gym contract that could result in you paying a $100 a month for six to 12 months when who knows if you'll have time to make it to the gym regularly with all the other commitments you have or do you want to pay a one-time fee of $27.95 to get expert instruction that will allow you to learn yoga from home?


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One More Thing


You know in today's busy world most of us at one time or another find ourselves longing for some peace and tranquility.


Well, guess what?


Yoga is the perfect solution to this much too common longing.


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